We need YOUR help

The Order of Lepanto is looking to grow our membership, build high-quality training materials, and start study groups around the world in the upcoming year. However, in order to do that we need donations!

If each person who liked the Order of Lepanto on social media gave $3, we could take afford to get most of the tools we need to take our apostolate to the next level. We would also ask that if you can afford to give more than $3, then please do. All donors will be added to the prayer intentions that our study groups pray over. Please be assured that we work on a very tight budget and every dollar you give will be stretched to make the maximum impact to Catholic men.

Your help is critical to the mission of this apostolate.

I cannot emphasize enough how much your donations mean to me and my fellow Knights. Together we can help train and prepare more lives and souls. We can give people the hope to keep moving forward!

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