Engage Your Body, Mind, and Soul

The Order of Lepanto is based on a belief that that the original practitioners of this art were not only physical in their approach, but held a deep Catholic faith that guided them in every aspect of their lives. This understanding has influenced the development of our methodology and curriculum.

On one track, we study and practice the martial skills of late Medieval and Renaissance Catholic Knights with the goals of encouraging and strengthening the fighting spirit in modern Catholic men, giving them physical skills which can be translated to spiritual skills, and building a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie. The desire to perform well in martial arts encourages the men to improve their overall fitness – helping them to be better prepared for the rigors of their vocation.

Our second path consists of studying and practicing the spiritual martial arts (spiritual warfare), to equip men for the special God-given role that they have in this world as the spiritual head of a family or as priests, bishops, and religious brothers, etc. As Catholic men we need to strive to be men of faith, prayer, and action! There is a real spiritual enemy that seeks to destroy those who have been given to our care. We need to fight for their lives and for their souls.

Learning the traditional martial arts of the great Catholic Knights serves to connect us to the spirituality of our ancestors in faith, but it also serves to physically teach the lessons that can be keys to effective spiritual warfare. However martial arts is more than the physical skills, more importantly it is about cultivating a martial spirit. This spirit is applicable to many areas of our lives and is useful regardless of the vocation God has called us to.

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