Who we are and What we do

The Order of Lepanto is an apostolate dedicated to outreach to Catholic men through a unique combination of martial arts and faith. Our group seeks to tap the masculine spirit that God has endowed men with, giving them a masculine activity to engage in together – learning the fighting styles of the Knights of the Medieval and Renaissance time periods. In much the same way as Asian martial arts tend to dovetail well into Eastern spirituality, these skills (Western Martial Arts or WMA) were honed by people who were committed Catholic or Christian men, which caused this fighting style to fit well with Catholic theology and practice.

We are organized as local study groups. A group generally consists of at least 3 men who meet 2 or more times per month to learn the martial arts and study the faith. Because of the unique situation we face in the Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe (MARE) – that the line of masters died out in the 18th century – the study group method is the best way to learn. We all read the same manuals and then practice what is written – and by trial and error we all learn together.

In many ways, learning the faith is a similar process. We read from the bible, writings of the saints, and other Catholic books and then discuss what is read and learn together.

As iron sharpens iron, we help each other to grow as protectors both physically and spiritually.

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